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for all types of Australian broadcast radio

licenses that will get you on air with the

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A   Ackworth, Clint   Anderson, Wil   Andrew, Stan   Arthur, David   Ashton, Keith   B   Barnes, Anthony   Barrett, Troy   Bates, Tony   Batty, Ian   Bayley, Simone   Beaton, Rosie   Beattie, Garry   Beljon, Lesley   Blackman, John   Brady, Philip   Brown, Gaby   Brown, Pete   Buck, Robbie   Burns, John   Barrett, Margie   Blair, Jock   Bonner, Shaany   Bradey, Rod   C   Caley, Tom   Camp, Mel   Christopher, Lawrence   Clark, Ray   Clark, Wayne   Clements, Val   Cole, Phil   Conlon, Keith   Cooper, Ralph   Curtis, Steve   Cameron, Andrew   Cecere , Isabella   Chapman, Ray   Coleman, Glen   Collard, Mark   Cooper, Mary   Cornelius, Sue   Craig, Bill   Crichton , Ian   D   D, Bernie   Drysdale, Matt   Davey, Brenda   Delle-Vergin, David   Doherty, John   Donaghey, Margaret   Duffy, Brian   F   Feelgood, Dr   Field, Gary   Foote, Nicole   Fabiane, Gabriella   Faithfull, Fraser   Fleet, Lorinda   G   Gaal, Charles   Godkin, Graeme   Gowing, Mel   Green, Deanne   H   Hadley, Ray   Haines, David   Hardeman, Grayton   Harrow, Roy   Haskings, Jim   Hunt, Rex   Hinch, Derryn   Roy & HG   Houghton, Leah   Hurren, Pete   Hall, Jacey   Hamelink, Willy   Hardy, Colleen   Harrison, Clinton   Holmes, George   Hughes, Denny   J   Jackson, Ken   James, Darren Jeffreys, Mike   Jones, Alan   J, Sammy   K   Kennedy, Tony   Kingsmill, Richard   Kingston, Tim   Kimberley, Mel   L   Lawerence, Catrina   Laws, John   Lane, Terry   Langbroek, Kate   Leach, Francis   Lane, Mark   Lister, Colin   Lucas, Bill   M   Mansfield, Bruce   Mead, Warren   McCarthy, Karen   McCutcheon, Jim   McFarlane, Shane   McGilchrist, Janice   McGowan, Keith   McGuire, Tracy   Mitchell, Neil   Molloy, Mick   Morgan, Nick   Mulray, Doug   McCarthy, Elaine   McKeown, Kathleen   Miller, Tia   Murnane, Barry   N   Nanos, Harry Jon   Nicholson, Paul   O   O'Byrne, Gordon   O'Neill, Ron   Oaten, David   P   Pearsall, Alan   Peck, Kerry   Perkins, Milton   Pierce, John   Price, Michelle   Price, Steve   Pyers, Brendon   Parrett, Cindy   Peers, Graeme   Potter, Malcolm   R   Richards, Shane   Rogers, Bruce   Ian 'Danno' Rogerson   Roberson, Noel   Rose, Trent   Remick, Pete   Riddell, Glenda   Roberts, Patrick   S   Schwartz, Blair   Service, Maurie   Sigley, Ernie   Smith, Will   Spencer, Adam   Stevenson, Ross   T   Tickle, Cobb   Sharp, Marcella   Shore, Matt   Street, Chris   Sutton, John   T   Tierney, Karen   Tims, Jack   Tully, Tom   Turner, Bob   V   Vinten, Colin   W   Walter, Denis   Webb, Byron   Welchmen, Ross   Withers, Josh   Ware, Terry   Windle, Peter   Wilson, Jason   Y   Yeed, Chris  


Radio Sydney Country   ZFM Country   Goulburn FM 88   Gunning FM 88   Yass FM 88   Jugiong FM 88   Coolac FM 87.6   Tuckerbox FM 88 (South Gundagai)   Gundagai FM 88   Tumblong FM 87.6   Adelong FM 88   Tarcutta FM 88   Truckie FM 87.6 (Kyeamba)   Holbrook FM 88   Albury FM 88   Springhurst FM 88   Wang FM 87.8 (Wangaratta)   Benalla FM 88   Violet Town FM 88   Bushranger FM Euroa FM 87.8   Avenal FM 88   Seymour FM 87.8   Power Country   Broadford FM 87.8   Wandong FM 87.8   Ned Kelly FM 88 (Beveridge)   Cootamundra FM 88   ZFM   ABM   Radio Bondi 91 FM   ABC Southeast SA Southeast Breakfast    91.7 ABC Coast FM   4our 101.5 FM   Triqi Media Radio Show Prep Stuff   Jocks' Journal   Abe's Audio   4our   2MCR   96.5fm/98fm   HITZ-FM The Morning Zoo   Alliance Online , media, Entertainment, Arts, Alliance, Australia, AJA, ATAEA, Actors Equity, journalism, MEAA, actors, arts, film, theatre, Australia,AJA, ATAEA, Actors Equity   HITZ-FM The Morning Zoo   Radio 2GB   Radio 4CRB FM   Radio 4CRB FM   102.5 Power FM - Bega   103.5 HOT FM   103.7 Launceston   2AIR - 107.9 FM Coffs Harbour   2AY AM - Albury, NSW   radio2BL 702   2CCC - 96.3 FM   2GB 873 AM   2WKT FM   3AW 1278   FARB   The jingle shrine   Australian Communications and Media Authority   AMT radio jobs   Radio Australia   CBAA   APRA   Pulese dance radio   Australian Radio historical society   SBS radio   World radio streams   ABC   Film and Radio school   4BC 1116 AM   4BH 882   4CA FM 102.7   4MK FM 101.9   5CC   89.9 Hitz FM   89.9 Street FM   92.9 PMFM   93.9 WOW FM - Mackay   94.9 Nu Country FM - Melbourne   97.9 Melton FM   99.3 B-Rock FM - Bathurst   B104.9 FM - Albury Wodonga   B105 - 105.3 FM   BFM Stereo 88.7 - Sydney   Bondi FM Radio - 88 FM   Country FM   Free FM - Sydney   JOY Melbourne   KIKFM 91.5 - Darwin   Life FM - 107.3   Melbourne Gospel Radio 89.9 FM   Mix 101 HO FM   Mix 106.3 FM - Canberra   Mix 106.3 FM - Townsville   NEW FM   PBS - 106.7 FM   Portuguese Radio Network Australia   Radio 4RPH - 1296 AM - Brisbane   Radio KLFM   Radio MUM   Red FM   Snow FM - 97.7 Cooma   Southern FM 88.3 - Melbourne   Sydney Bayrak Radyosu   WAVE FM - 96.5   101.1 Double T FM   104 Triple M - Brisbane - plays new rock and classics.   104.3 FM   104.9 Triple M - Sydney   105.1 Triple M - Melbourne   2DayFM - 104.1 Sydney   2WS - FM 101.7   3AK 1503 - Melbourne   5AD - FM 102.3 Adelaide   5DN - Adelaide   5UV Radio Adelaide   96.1 Triple M - Perth   Beat Radio   

Ausradiosearch voice bank is the place to find great radio voice talent within Australia and from around the world. Voices of all types are available for id's, adverts and reads today. Each voicer has sample audio so you can audition them online.
Ausradiosearch voice bank is the place
to find great radio voice talent within
Australia and from around the world.
Voices of all types are available for id's,
adverts and reads today. Each voicer
has sample audio so you can audition
them online.

Ausradio Voicebank.
Classic Hits Mix.
Top 50 Hits Mix.
All Dance Master Mix.
broadcast transmitters fm am

Radio content streams are available 24/7 in broadcast quality to licensed FM broadcasters at no cost on an advertising barter basis (the advertising in the stream covers the cost to you). Many more genres and formats are available.

automation and scheduling software

Ausradiostation is a Cutting

Edge intelligent Automation Engine (IAE)

capable of producing the most life-like

performance ever heard on Radio. It is

offered as a world first via cloud access.

zikhrono livrakha may his memory be for blessing
This is a list of persons nominated by
listeners, peers and members of IARBA
who have made significant contributions
to the Australian Broadcasting Industry
over the last decade.






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