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LPON and HPON services are cost effective ways to enter the Australian Radio Market. Often operators possess the necessary
skills to get the service operating themselves, only relying on us for example for transmitters and other equipment. We are however
also able to offer a turn key solution for operators who may not possess the necessary technical skills or would rather have the
service setup for them for fixed leasing fees. As any successful operator will know their is a lot more to actually getting an LPON
or HPON to air than just getting together the equipment, for example you will need to deal extensively with the ACMA and
complex engineering issues. The services are varied and flexible depending upon your license and its requirements and take into
account all of the things involved in getting the service to air. Where you do not already have a license we can even apply for one for
you, or organize for you to buy or lease an existing one.

ABM through Ausradiosearch offer a turn key solution for LPON, HPON and small Community Radio services. They do all the
work, They supply Everything you just send your audio signal from your studio into the supplied encoder which sends the
signal digitally to their data centre using your normal ADSL connection. The signal is reliably delivered in CD quality to site
through ABM’s Australia-wide broadcast network infrastructure and goes to air (They even monitor the radio signal locally for
“dead air” for you). You pay only for fixed one-off setup costs then low  monthly lease fees.

Because there are so many different possibilities it is often best to email us above for a quotation specifying your precise
requirements. The following however is a basic guide of approximate costs involved for a 1 watt LPON for which you already hold
the license:


One off setup cost per client:  $880 (Data centre infrastructure, covers up to 50 sites)*

* If you produce one channel of 24/7 programming that you intend to network across all your sites then it is $880 per 50 sites. If you want to have
more than one channel of programming then the cost is $880 covering up to 50 sites, per unique audio source – each differing audio source must
have separate infrastructure setup for it.

One off setup cost per site:

         $2200 (Installation & Engineering work)
         + Up to 7 days contractors on site travelling costs on quotation.
         + (optionally) add top end signal processing for $550


Weekly costs:  On Site Equipment Lease, Monitoring and Maintenance.

Per site per week:

                         Metro:  $77 / week
                         Regional:  $110 / week
                          Remote Regional:  $185 / week +

Monthly costs: Audio Delivery.

Per unique audio source per up to 50 sites per month:  $110**

+ In the majority of cases we can run country sites for the lower Regional rates.
** If you produce one set of programming that you intend to network across all your sites then it is $110 per month for up to 50 sites. For every other
   set of programming (i.e. Unique audio source) it is $110 per month.


One off setup costs:  Payment on Invoice prior to work commencing.
Ongoing Costs:  Payment per site in advance on invoice every 30 days.
Term: Minimum term 6 months then week to week.
Turn Key LPON & HPON.
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough..To Keep Us From Getting You To Air!